Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wacissa River

Headed out to the Wacissa River on this warm sunny day. I was meeting up with Scott, a local paddler. Scott was trying out his new kayak for the first time.

We left the boat ramp at about 11. We put in at the headspring, which means the first part of the paddle is downstream.

We went in to "Big Blue," the spring about a mile down the river. The water really is a brilliant blue color there, and the channel leading to the springs is very picturesque. After a short stay in the springs area, we headed back out to the main river.

We spotted several birds as we got farther downstream, including another (or the same as pictured earlier?) limpkin. My picture of that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped...oh well, win some, lose some.

We paddled all the way down to the island three miles from the boat ramp. Got out there and stretched a bit, I had my customary muffin snack. Then it was time to head back upstream. On this part of the journey, we were fighting not only current, but a low wind (I would estimate about 6 mph, didn't use the anemometer today) as well. This made the return trip a tad more strenuous than the first half!

This turned out to be another 4-hour paddling trip, my standard length. The Wacissa is a beautiful river, I never get tired of spending time there.

I've decided to postpone my Homosassa trip till late fall, when the weather will have cooled down a bit--I'm not sure that summer is the ideal time to be heading even farther south. Meanwhile, I have ordered a new paddle. I currently use Aquabound's Mariner, which is a really efficient lightweight carbon paddle. I decided to add its sister style, the Tsunami (also by Aquabound), to my paddle bag. Both are the same weight, 27 oz., but the Tsunami's blade is a little shorter and fatter, giving it a little more bite in the water (or so they say, we shall see). I suspect that that might be useful in high current or very windy conditions. I have always used the same blade shape and have only upgraded to lighter weight paddles, so this new blade shape could be an interesting change. It's due to arrive here next Monday and I will take it out for a test paddle as soon after that as possible.

That's all for this time, stand by for my next trip report and a review of the new paddle.

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