Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wakulla Update

STILL silty and muddy. I have been going in approximately 2-week intervals since July 14 (this is trip 3 in that time) and it has remained unchanged. Wonder when (if?!) it will get back to normal. I feel bad for the folks who have read such glowing accounts of paddling this river, not just on web sites but also in magazines, and so they make a trip there only to find a very long, somewhat narrow, watery mudhole.

Nonetheless, it wasn't a waste of a day. Paddling is always good and even these less-than-ideal conditions can be interesting. The gators seem to like the new shore surface on these hot days.

Didn't get all the way to the top, I decided not to fight the current all the way. Tide was going out and the current was pretty fierce upstream. This gator crossed in front of me from right to left as I drifted downstream, then turned around and crossed left to right, and then swam ahead of me like an escort for awhile before he veered off.

As I got near the ramp, I passed a bird on the bank that didn't look like any bird I had seen before. I pulled a U-turn (no small feat in that current) and got the camera out.

What do you think? It was about 15" tall. A young heron? The feathers on its head seem to be new and not fully formed. Will it grow into this, spotted alongside the river today?

A short trip for me, only 3 hours on the water. I think I'll let more than 2 weeks go by before trying there again, though.

I want to thank Derrick at Kayak for putting a link to this blog on his site, and ditto thanks to Bob for the link on his paddling site. Back at ya!

Now that the kids are back in school, the Wacissa is a little more accessible (they tend to somewhat clot up the ramp area), and since it's a spring-fed river that actually looks, well, spring-fed, it will probably be the next destination. Stand by.


Scott Thigpen said...

Ack, I have never seen any alligators on the Wakulla while kayaking, other than a tiny one once a few months ago!

derrick said...

missed this post! You're more than welcome. Hope all is well - derrick