Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Winter Weather; Book Recommendation

I haven't been able to get out paddling for a while, which explains the lack of new posts. We have had cold and rainy weather here, and it looks like more in the forecast. Daytime temps aren't too bad, in the 60's--now if the wind would just calm down. I'm starting to get downright cranky about being land-bound for so long.

Meanwhile, I want to recommend a book to you. It's called Canoe Trip; Alone in the Maine Wilderness by David Curran, published by Stackpole Books. The author travels alone by canoe into the Maine wilderness each year. I found this to be very well-written, sort of along Bill Bryson lines. It's a short book. One of my favorite sections includes his thoughts about his choice to do this alone. If you follow this blog, you know that I am almost always paddling (and camping) alone. This is very much by choice, and I enjoyed his explanation of why he chooses to paddle solo. I hope it's ok, copyright-wise, for me to quote that section here.

"But despite the near foolishness of it, I prefer to go alone. I always feel that I come up short in saying why. I know that I like the simplicity of it. Planning alone is at least twice as easy as planning with another. I know that my focus on the experience is much better, more pure. I am not distracted by conversation or the expectation of conversation. I'm not wondering if my partner is tired or if my own pace is sufficient or if he wants a meal or to camp or where to camp or when to start or when to stop or whether to come in out of the wind or rain. Instead there is only me to think of these things, me with the experience of it, with nothing in between. And it's the tight focus on the experience that I go for and from which the memories come."

Stand by for the next trip report.

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anna0067 said...

I really love your blog, both the writing and the pictures. Your adventures are really interesting. I haven't been able to go out much lately but when I miss kayaking it helps to read about your trips. Thanks!