Monday, April 10, 2006

Breezy Day on the Wacissa!

When you are driving to a boat ramp and the wind is buffeting the car around, that’s a good sign that it might be a tad windy for paddling! Undaunted, I continued on my way to the Wacissa. Hadn’t been there for awhile, and I was hoping to get more limpkin pictures.

The wind was blowing quite briskly downstream—also not a good thing on this river. It’s downstream-first because you start at the headspring (unless you are launching from Goose Pasture, when you have a choice. I never launch from Goose Pasture) and the current can get a bit strong as you progress downstream. Add a brisk headwind to that on the way back up and it takes a lot of the fun out of it. So I mostly just piddled around within the first mile of river.

I heard a limpkin but could not see it. The egrets and herons were out, though. I think I take virtually this same picture every time I see one of these egrets with the impressive crest—I just think they are so cool. This one has the added feature of that windblown look…

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Elsewhere on the river I spotted another one that just watched me go by. Most of them show very little shyness.

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I saw several of these little sandpiper-like birds that I always see on Lake Seminole. They bob their tails up and down in a very distinctive way.

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I was out about three hours, much longer than I thought I would last in the wind. I need to get back here again soon on a calm day, when I can explore much more of the river.

Another camping/paddling trip coming up this week. Stand by.


clairesgarden said...

the egrets are such a beautiful bird, its mostly the wind that will put me off paddling,

pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

Stunning bird pictures on the Wakulla and you saw a pileated woodpecker!Looks like a younger bird. If he had white stripes on the outside of his fan, he would have been an ivory bill! My life's goal! It was windy this weekend wasn't it? Wish I could camp. My folks are coming this weekend....
happy paddling

Scott Thigpen said...

Hey Peggy, just to let you know, my company had a retreat at Wakulla Springs today and we went on the boat tour for lunch, we saw around 10 male wood ducks! So, if you haven't, take a boat tour :)