Friday, November 24, 2006

Quick Chilly Trip to the Wacissa

It’s been awhile between paddling trips so I thought I would venture out into our unseasonably cold November weather to get in a little water time. I chose the Wacissa since it is the closest paddling place—didn’t want to invest a lot of time in driving since I suspected it would be a very short trip.

As it was. I’m sure that people in actual cold climates would consider this downright balmy, but we Florida wimps get easily chilled. This turtle was trying to soak up some warmth from the sun.

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I stayed out for only about an hour, if that. I passed this egret on my way back to the boat ramp.

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We are supposed to warm up a bit over the next few days, and if that happens, I have a new camping/paddling destination in mind for next week. We had an almost ideal summer for paddling—no hurricanes and very little rain; we may be facing the trade-off now with a colder-than-usual winter, which is cutting into my water time.

Nonetheless, stand by.


clairesgarden said...

nice photographs you've been posting, a few differnt kinds of birds too, love the we hooded guys! I changed pc and its taken a wee while to find all my links again.

pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

Hi P,
I went out looking for roseate spoonbills yesterday at John D, McArthur park. The tide was too high though...I saw a flock of ten ibises in a parking lot on A1A!!!!lol