Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Short Day on the Wacissa

Well, still no Mystic. So far the promised completion dates have been June 14, 18th, and now I’m told it will be ready the 20th. The thing is, if the guy had just told me it would be two weeks to begin with, I would have felt that that was more than a satisfactory turn-around time for that kind of repair when he certainly had backlog when I dropped the Mystic off. Meanwhile, that quiet hissing sound is the air slowly leaking out of my confidence balloon. Who knows when I will get my boat back? He may not have even started working on it yet.

So I loaded up the Prijon for an extremely abbreviated paddle on the Wacissa. Rain is predicted for much of the rest of the week (in fact, thunder rumbles while I type this) so I decided to get out while I still could.

The ibis were obliging today, this one perched on one leg on a tree branch,

and this one along the shoreline.

I didn’t go much past the blue spring inlet on my way downstream. This great blue heron was hunkered down in the water on the other side of some grasses and I was able to sneak up on him before he saw me.

On my way back upstream I managed to (slightly) harass an egret. It was ahead of me and away from the shoreline. As I would get close it would lift off

but only fly a little way and settle again. Then I would progress toward it and it would lift off again.

I finally decided to give it a little more space and paddled closer to the shoreline till I was past it.

This little snowy egret was perched on a stump in the water and watched me go by. Notice all the apple snail eggs on the stump—good news for the limpkins!

I think this is actually the same yellow crowned night heron as pictured in last Wacissa post—it was in precisely the same spot, right near the boat ramp. I guess it has staked out that territory. It did not mind my proximity at all.

An unusually short paddling day but it was nice to get back to this river. Not sure when the next trip out will be, unless they are mistaken about the rain (gee, has that ever happened?). Stand by.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Don't be anxious. Mystic will be with you by and by.

In the meantime, what the heck is a limpkin?

Peggy said...

What is a limpkin? (Well, ok, that's a good question...)

Bob is a limpkin. See previous posts for many photos of Bob, The Tame Limpkin. But otherwise, the limpkin is a supposedly rare bird these days but can be seen (and heard) in large numbers on the Wacissa. (Do the rare-bird folks not realize this is where they all are? Inquiring minds want to know.)

And....yeah...some day I will have my #1 boat back... Where's Tony Soprano when I need him (ok, just kidding)..

SophieMae said...

I'm always tickled to see those apple snail eggs. For a while, there were quite a few limpkin sightings reported at Lake Munson, but I was never there at the right time. I keep trying, though.

Love those night herons! We used to see more black-crowned than yellow, now it's the other way 'round.

clairesgarden said...

fabulous flight shots, what an elegant bird it is in the air.
I hope your repair frustration is over soon!!