Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Osprey on the Wakulla River

The ospreys are back in the trees that line the river and swooping over it, and it’s good to see them (and hear them)! Shortly after you leave the boat ramp and begin upstream, look wa-a-a-a-ay up in the trees on the left bank and you will see the osprey nest and most likely at least one of the residents in it or nearby.

One of those decided to check me out, after I had checked it out.

I got there at high tide, always a great time to be paddling. This osprey had been perched in a cypress tree on the right side of the river, looking down into the water. Looks like maybe it saw something of interest in the river.

And off it goes after its prey. Those claws are pretty impressive and very effective fishing devices.

It was a very peaceful paddle with only a little wind. There were several other paddlers on the river and a couple of pontoon boats. Evidently someone spotted a manatee, but I never saw it.

About halfway to the top, who should appear? None other than, back for a repeat performance, The Amazing Balancing Turtle Duo!

This great blue heron was sitting in the reeds, perhaps thinking that if it sat perfectly still, I wouldn’t see it.

Back to the ospreys. This one, a male I believe, based on the lack of color on its chest, was sitting on the branch of a tree as I approached while drifting downstream.

Eventually I got a little too close for its comfort and it took off from its perch

and flew downstream.

I came to a green heron, which was fun since they seem to be less common on our rivers this year.

It also decided to fly away.

(You gotta love their bright yellow legs!)

The gators were out, as usual. This one was taking an afternoon siesta on a log just beyond the river bank.

It’s been a while since I have posted an artsy black and white picture. Even as I was taking this one I was thinking it would translate well to black and white.

I’m not sure when the next paddling day will be, I might be able to squeeze one more in this week. Dear Husband is on vacation next week—maybe we will get out to one of my rivers together. Stand by.


pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

If I was a birdie, I would make my nest of spanish moss! I have a theory that those osprey nests are woodstork nests first. They are just too big for the average osprey. What do you think?
When my DSL comes leaving comments won't be sor hard! See email for the latest family saga....great photso as usual

clairesgarden said...

fab, so pleased you have your precious paddling mystic back again, the repairs look fab, well done them! I am waiting on a basic photoshop programm to arrive so hopefully will try some b/w changes on some pictures, I only have my camera software which allows trimming. it'll be fun to see what can be done.