Friday, November 30, 2007

Peaceful Paddling on the Wakulla

Rivers are places that renew our spirit, connect us with our past,
and link us directly with the flow and rhythm of the natural world.
~Leo Tolstoy

A great day on the river, where I encountered lots of other paddlers and only 2 power boats, both of which were traveling slowly. I enjoy paddling at this time of year, the temps are comfortable; with fewer leaves and ground cover, I can see into the woods. And the sun is low when I am returning to the boat ramp, which bathes everything in a red glow.

I don't get as many photos this time of year, though--they will likely be sparse until February or March. The good news to this is that dial-up visitors can probably see all of them and in a timely fashion!

Only four photos made the cut from today's trip. I saw this beautiful great blue heron along the bank. Most of his body was obscured by branches from a fallen tree, but I was able to get a head-and-neck portrait of him.

There were many more grebes on the river than in summer, and I do love those little birds. "Little" is the key word there, these are very small. Here's one dwarfed by a cypress trunk it was swimming in front of when it spotted me.

Another cormorant showed up on this river (as in the post prior to this). Love those webbed feet!

And speaking of webbed feet, this anhinga was perched on a log near the upper boat ramp.

That's it for this time. My camping trip was postponed when we got a new kitten here that I can barely tear myself away from to go paddling, never mind a 2-night camping trip! But maybe soon. Meanwhile, I will be getting out to water again next week. Stand by.


SophieMae said...

LOVE that anhinga picture! And the great blue! It's riveting! I always enjoy your grebe shots, as they are, for me, almost as hard to come by as kingfishers. 8-]

Stacie said...

Yay for new kittens!!! LOVE that top photo of the heron. Awesome! Also...your belted kingfisher below...I keep getting those mixed up with the green heron, I guess I need to look these two up in my bird book and see them side by side. I know we have the green heron here, but not sure about the kingfishers, and now I don't know which of them have been eluding me every time I go kayaking.
(well, now that I think about it, I suppose they both have been eluding me,LOL)