Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to Health and Back to the Wacissa

Rivers are exquisite in their abilities to nurture life, sublime in functioning detail,
impressive in contributions of global significance.
~Tim Palmer

My sore throat is abating (thanks for all the get-well wishes!) and this was the only day this week that the weather was going to be even close to acceptable (a very subjective opinion; my brother in Ohio would probably be delighted to paddle in such temps in January...), so off I went. I got on the river at about 12:30.

The river was fairly bird-free on this day, they were probably hunkered down within the shelter of the woods. It was quite windy. This egret was braving the wind to stand at river's edge near the boat ramp.

I paddled into Blue Spring. The spring was beautiful, as usual, but there were no birds or otters in there, so I left.

Abby had indicated that she might be able to get to the river at around 1:00, so when I came out of the inlet, I looked for her upstream. Sure enough, there was another paddler. Given the conditions, I knew it had to be her so I started paddling back upstream. We met about halfway between the ramp and the spring, and then continued on downstream.

I think we actually saw the same two birds over and over today. I think this egret, now perched on a rock, is the same one that was further upstream earlier.

We were not out long. The brisk wind was blowing downstream and we didn't want to have to battle it very far on the way back upstream. This great blue heron flew by from one side of the river to the other.

And so we paddled over to get a photo of it standing on the edge (having been out for hours, consoling ourselves for the lack of birds by discussing all the birds that will be back lining this river in a few short months (green herons, tricolored herons, little blue herons, ibis, and more), we were getting desperate to point the camera at something, and did not mind pursuing it back and forth across the water).

The heron posed, mouth open again, on the side.

Eventually I suppose the two kayaks parked close by made it nervous, so off it went to escape us once again.

On the way upstream we pulled into Blue Spring just to get out of the wind for a bit.

(I like this one better as a black-and-white...)

And then it was back to the boat ramp. As we approached, we spotted a couple of cormorants in the water. They swam around until we got too close for their comfort and then took off, in that somewhat clumsy manner that cormorants have during take-off.

It was nice to be out again. Hopefully we will have warmer weather soon for another trip. Stand by.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

A bird in the lens is worth two in the book. Or something like that.

Dave said...

Welcome back.

theartofengineering said...

Hi Peggy,

I'm a regular visitor to your blog I even have a link to it from my blog. Someday I hope to be able to take such great wildlife photography. But I was wondering if there's anyway you could put a previous post link on the bottom of the page. I know you can click on the archives but that can become tedious.


Peggy said...

Thanks Robin for liking the photos!

Yes, it would be great to have a link to the previous page at the bottom of each page. I have no idea how to do that. In fact, I just discovered when I was going to suggest you subscribe to the site feed and just know when there are new posts that my little site feed icon was gone. I am totally blank on how to work with the template here, but I did manage to get a link to subscribing over on the sidebar (to Atom). Interestingly, the orange feed icon then showed up in Opera, my browser of choice, but not IE. Blogger's instructions for dealing with feeds make no sense at all to me. If anyone wants to tell me how to put such a link at the bottom of each page--I'll give it a shot!

Dave said...

Not sure if this answers the question, but on my blog you can click the arrows next to the year in the archive list, the months appear, click months and links to the posts appear.

I have no idea how or why it works that way, but I went to the Add & Arrange page elements on my blog, then to Blog Archive-Edit, on to configure blog archive, and Hierarchy, Show Post Titles, and Monthly are all checked.

Peggy said...

Hi Dave!

You are using the newer templates, which are great (my kitten's blog uses those), but this is not one of those and I am hesitant to change it (being able to import photos at any size is important to me and the new templates are tricky with that). In the meantime, I discovered that although I have all the right boxes checked in IE, I do not get the orange feeds icon. This is why I do not use IE.... Adding my link put them back in Opera... (and yet I have to come over to IE to add comments to Blogger..go figure..)

CalActive.com said...

Peggy your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You inspire me to take my photography more seriously. That egret is so beautiful, I feel like I could have reach out and touched its feathers. I recently spent some time kayaking in Baja, California (near Loreto) and took some snaps of some of the pelicans out there, and I was quite proud of my attempts, until I saw your pics! You would have had a ball taking snaps of them as they allowed me to get right up close to them. I'll check in again soon to get more inspiration!

Kimberlee said...

Hey, Peggy! I'm so glad that you were finally able to get out again, though the weather wasn't the best. The photo of Abby sort of surprised me. I hadn't realized that kayaks sat so low in the water...practically makes you a part of the stream, huh? That's kind of cool...as long as a gator doesn't feel competition! :)

Great photos!