Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Good Friday on the Wakulla River

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her,
still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.
~Victor Hugo

The weather was fine and so off I went to the Wakulla. As I have mentioned before, there is an osprey nest across the river and a little way upstream of the boat ramp. This osprey was perched high in a tree near that nest. (I don't know if I like the bird or the branch better in this one!)
The woodpeckers were out today. It's easy to hear them, harder to actually find them. I paddled over to the edge of the river to try to get a photo of this one in the woods.
Later I spent time hunting down this one.
The parking area had been full and I passed many paddlers and people fishing. As I was approaching a guy sitting quietly in his boat with his line in the water, I was thinking about what a great way that is to spend a warm spring day. And then he got lucky.
The gators and turtles were also enjoying the day. I watched as this turtle swam over to a log occupied by other turtles--
--when it got what?
Hey, move over!
There are more osprey nests near the upper bridge. This osprey watched me paddle by below it.
I paddled to the upper ramp and got out for a stretch. A few people were fishing from the bridge, and a boy was attempting to catch butterflies with a net (and not succeeding). I left to drift downstream.
I came to this egret on a dock. Now here's a pose you don't often see.
It straightened up as I went by
and then flew off, probably wondering if I planned to post that photo on the internet for everyone to see.
Although there aren't as many birds on this river as on the Wacissa, this is still my favorite place to paddle.
I hope to get out again soon. Stand by.


me and my camera said...

All very beautiful pictures; I especially like the Osprey ones and am looking forward to their return to New Brunswick later on this spring. You have a lovely blog and I shall return to visit and to view more of it another time.

John Theberge said...

I like visiting your blog, it makes me eager to go kayaking around here but that won't be for a while. Your bird photos are fantastic.

clairesgarden said...

the egret is such an elegant bird. love the dramatic branch! one of my friends has a garden near here where you can always hear the woodpecker but I've never seen it!!

Richard said...

Great pictures as usual. Thank you. I too have found that the places with less birds are some of the more enjoyable. I also seem to find that the birds that are there are some that I don't see as often.

Steve said...

I like the shot of the Pileated Woodpecker, Peggy. That's one of my favorite birds. All the others are great, too.

I didn't know you liked to paddle the Wakulla better than the Wacissa. They both look like rewarding places to be, based on your photos and descriptions.

Peggy said...

Kind of a tough call, Steve, between these rivers...but the things about the Wakulla are the more varied and accessible shoreline, the many bends in the river, the un-skittish turtles, and of course the manatees much of the year. Also, I was paddling this river long before I found the Wacissa, so there is this "I'm back" feel when I get there. I just wish there were as many birds here!!! (Although this is where I saw my first male wood duck of all time.) Oh, and I also greatly prefer paddling upstream first and then drifting back. But the Wacissa is very nearly perfect in its own way.... (Indecision may or may not be my problem...)

Marvin said...

Enjoyed your photos ... some great shots ... even if the egret doesn't appreciate all of them.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Kimberlee said...

Great photos, Peggy! They're all wonderful in one way or another. I especially enjoyed that funny egret pose, but you know the turtles are always my favorite! :)

brucesc said...

I'm astounded at your close shots of the birds! Love the egret peeking through his own plumage. Keep 'em coming!

Sandpiper said...

Your pictures are beautiful, as always, Peggy. :) So glad you get out to see these things and share them. Thanks.

silentspringfl said...

I love the osprey and the noodly branch (and really like the Victor Hugo quote)! Is the third one down a downy woodpecker? I rarely see them -- I think partly because they move so quickly (must've been hard to get that shot). Thank you for more lovely photos, Peggy!

Joe said...

Awesome shots! What camera and lens do you use?

Peggy said...

Hi Joe, Thanks for the comment! I use a Sony A700 DSLR camera and either a Tamron 28-300mm zoom lens or a Sony 70-300mm zoom, depending on where I am.

Joe said...

I have a Canon Rebel XTI and the Tamron 28-300 MM lens w/ vibration control (their new lens). I also have a canon 18-55 MM & 75 - 300 MM kit lenses that came with th e camera. I just got back from taking some shot at a local nature trail. I will post the shot in a few.