Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Discontent

Cold! If the thermometer had been
an inch longer, we'd have frozen to death.
~Mark Twain

Winter has finally come to north Florida. The new leaves that came out on our banana trees during our recent warm spell did not survive the recent overnight hard freezes. And it's way too cold for wimpy me to get out paddling these days! How fortunate for this blog that I always come home with so many more photos than I post, leaving me images to display when I don't have any new ones.

On a very recent trip, a flock of ibis flew overhead as I drifted downstream.

And speaking of flying birds, there are always extra photos of egrets gliding by the kayak.

Sometime around the middle of last year I took several photos of a juvenile night heron as I followed it downstream. This one wasn't posted when I wrote about that trip. I wonder where this bird is now?

I miss the many snowy egrets that line the upper portion of the Wacissa all summer. This one passed by the boat in a hurry to get somewhere.

In the summer when I am not seeing as many birds as I would like and my shutter finger gets twitchy, I resort to taking photos of moorhens, since there are always moorhens. In the winter, it's yellowlegs. Here's one of many that had not appeared here yet.

Finally, this was the third of a set of images I got of this juvenile little blue heron that flew right toward me one day. A slightly different perspective.

I doubt I will get out on the water this week, but every day brings spring closer. Perhaps we will have another warm spell soon. Stand by.


Beverly said...

People make such fun of us Floridians talking about the cold weather that we have, but it does happen, doesn't it.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow. The morning that I went to the hospital to have her (1977) it was 26 degrees~ Yes, it was cold.

As usual, I could look at your photos all day. You should consider publishing a book of your photos!

Beverly said...

By the way, I love the Mark Twain quote.

Suzanne said...

What a treat! It doesn't matter to me when the photos are taken. I just love seeing your pictures.

Nature Nut said...

Your pictures are absolutely amazing. I'm envious of your already changing seasons....I fairly new to your blog and to kayaking, so I will curiously keep watching and listening to what you have to say out there in blog world.

Stacie said...

Your photography just blows me away every time! I got a new lens for Christmas and I haven't even had much time to play with inspire me to MAKE time to play with it!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Your photos are breathtaking ... we have a banana tree in our backyard and it faired well ... but this is down in Naples. Interior lands got more of the brunt of the freeze.

Annie said...

Peggy, your photography is inspirational and I find myself lingering on each shot. Would you post more on your photography equipment, your techniques and kayak photography? I've lost two pieces of equipment overboard and I wonder how you do this.

Peggy said...

Hi Annie,

I don't include info about equipment and so on in my profile because it changes over time. Right now I am using a Nikon D300 with a Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens. I use aperture mode at about F8 and continuous shooting on auto focus. I bought my camera at Ritz, which offers insurance coverage in any event except theft or fire, so the camera would (supposedly....) be covered if it fell overboard, as long as I could produce it. So I tether it to the boat. Those are the basics--drop me an email if you had a more in-depth answer in mind--I love discussing photography! Thanks so much for your comment!


Annie said...

Peggy, your photos are clean, capturing droplets of water and barbs of feathers, but your skill at using light is what I most admire. Thanks for sharing your passion.