Monday, May 11, 2009

Perfect Paddling Day on the Wacissa

In summer, the song sings itself.
~William Carlos Williams

It may be only mid-May, but it's summer here! What a great warm sunny day to get out to the river!

There was a remarkably small great blue heron near the boat ramp--I actually thought it was a tricolored heron until I got right next to it. There's nothing here to give you perspective, but this was a very little one:

It sat there as I drifted past so I took one more of its noble head.

After going only a short distance, I saw a swallow-tail kite flying over head, looking for lunch in the water. They are beautiful birds, they soar endlessly. I took many photos of this one.





And the snowies were out and about again! I saw this one fishing on a vegetation island in the river.

It was doing that wing-spreading thing to lure fish to the shade it created.

And it spots something underwater and goes for it! luck that time.

I paddled on. I spotted this gator enjoying the sunshine. The reflection is so strange in this photo, the longer I looked at it, the less sense it made.

There was a bit of a downstream wind blowing and so I turned around at about the 2-mile point. On my way back upstream, I saw this egret on a leafy island.

It left as I paddled by.

This snowy egret had a very impressive topknot going for it, blowing in the wind.

The yellow water lilies are blooming here and there. This one came out looking like a painting.

It was a wonderful, warm day on the river. With luck this is the beginning of more frequent paddling trips--perhaps we are finally past the rainy and fiercely windy days.

A big smile of welcome to anyone who has come to this blog via Artful Blogging magazine. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will come back often.

Also--Dog River Clearwater Revival, the only grassroots organization in Mobile, Alabama that is concerned with the water quality of Dog River (love that name!), is having a canoe/kayak fundraiser event on Saturday, May 16th.  This is a great cause--if you live in the area or will be nearby this weekend, this sounds like a must-do.  For more info, go here and check out the DRC April 09 News link.

I will get back out on the water soon. Stand by.


Beverly said...

Oh my, is summer ever here! Doesn't it seem a bit early? Needless to say, I can't get enough of your photos.

S N B said...

I am going to show these pictures to my kindergartners on a big screen. We are doing our own Monet-style water lilies and your last shot should inspire them. We will be going to Wakulla Springs on the boat ride next week and your pictures can give them a taste of what they will see.

sue said...


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Summer is most definitely here: a pattern of regular afternoon showers has begun. It feels good.

Doug said...

Doing a little research on the Wacissa as I am kayaking on it tomorrow, I came across your blog. The pics are absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me what camera you use?

Peggy said...

Hey Doug!

You will love the Wacissa--or perhaps you have seen it before?

I use a Nikon D300 with an 80-400mm Nikkor lens on it.

Enjoy your paddling day on this great river!


Brian said...

Those are some great action shots.