Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Snowies are Back!

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that, but the really great
make you feel that
you, too, can become great.
~Mark Twain

What a joy to get to the Wacissa on Friday and see so many snowy egrets! The little blue herons are there, as were a few green herons that escaped the camera lens, and of course the moorhens and some coots. I haven't seen any limpkins yet this year, or tricolored herons. There were several white ibis perched in high tree branches.

This short post is dedicated to the snowy egrets.

This one was using its wings to try to fool its underwater prey into thinking they were in a safe, shaded spot.

Wings up, it moved away from me,

and settled in some surface greenery a short distance away.

This one flew by and landed just ahead of me.

It then watched me drift by.

And our last snowy was one that was perched on a log at the river's edge.

It was a great day to go paddling, warm with a calm wind that later blew upstream, making the second part of my trip an easy one (my arm muscles need to get back into paddling shape after being away from it for so long!).

If any of my experts in songbird identification are reading this, perhaps you could hop over to this post on the camping blog and help me out with a couple of birds that visited my site recently and that I cannot name. Thanks!

The next two weeks will be partly taken up with more camping (sans kayak), but as camping season winds down due to heat and bugs, paddling season will rev up, and this blog will come back to life again! Stand by.


Sandra said...

On Stand By Now... waiting for more wonderful photos. I love, love, love the wings up photo, like a graceful dancer, and all for free. glad you are back out in the wilds with your camera to share the wilds with me.

Mike said...

Your egret photos are great! I miss those beauties after moving from Florida to Washington state to lead kayaking and birding tours for Sea Quest Kayak Tours & Whale Watching Trips. This far north our only member of the family is the Great Blue Heron. But its a whole new birding world here! And the sea kayaking is awesome...