Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Paddling at Cedar Key

There is no rhyme that is half so sweet
As the song of the wind in the rippling wheat;
There is no metre that's half so fine
As the lilt of the brook under rock and vine;
And the loveliest lyric I ever heard
Was the wildwood strain of a forest bird.
~Madison Cawein

Thanks to those who told me in comments and email that they don't care if the photos posted here are taken in a kayak or not! That will certainly lead to more posts, since paddling is a bit on hold for now.

So off I went to Cedar Key, despite my intention to never visit there in summer again (as it turned out, it was cooler there than at home. Go figure). This time I stayed in a vacation rental north of town, a new area for me. There was a large porch overlooking the water, along with a grassy yard and a walkway that led to a dock.

What a total joy to finally see birds! Lots of ibis; they flew by in flocks back and forth over the water and many came in to fish at low tide.

And there were egrets as well, one in particular that spent a lot of time near the dock. A very shy one--it took me until the second day to be able to get any photos of him.

I walked to the edge of the water to get closer. He looked back at me, wondering what I was up to....

There was a good sunset the first night.

On my second day, I went in to town to walk around a bit. As usual, I checked out the fish-cleaning station at Fenimore Mill (again...what sign?). My timing was good, a foursome had just come back from a fishing trip and were busy cleaning their catch. It didn't take long for the pelicans to spot them and come in to investigate.

It was a fun little mini-trip. I hadn't taken the kayak or the bike due to the heat. While it was indeed a little more breezy there than at home, it is still not ideal biking or paddling weather in Florida now. Great weather for reading and seafood, though!

I'll be back next time I get out and about. Stand by.


2 Krazy Kayakers said...

Wow, your pictures are incredible! I for one don't care where you are at when you take them, they are great to see. Thank you for sharing!

Sandra said...

so so glad to see you back on your blog. the Ibis is so much prettier in this photo. the ones i have taken they are kind of ugly, but this makes him pretty. showing the black i have only seen while they are in the air. these birds walk around in the yards in our neighborhood like pets. the sunset or sunrise is breathtaking, and you KNOW my favorite bird is the pelican. i might have to find one of mine for a post. welcome back

The Florida Blogger said...

Those pelicans seem to ready for scraps everywhere I've gone.

SophieMae said...

I literally gasped when I got to that first egret picture! I would love to have that hanging on my wall!

You're so right about the weather. I just want to stay indoors. At least the yellow flies seem to be decreasing a bit.

Dyche Designs said...

Great photos, love the egret ones especially.

Have a great holiday weekend.

BuffaloGal said...

Hi Peggy,
Beautiful pics as always!! You probably don't remember me, but I'm the gal that posted a year or so ago after seeing a link to you on Paddling.net...seems you got a huge number of hits after that link....I have spent the last two spring breaks in FL and will be returning this fall to possibly do an Everglades trip. Just beginning to plan. I so enjoy your photos.
Thanks for sharing,
Leigh Baker