Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Surprise Rookery!

I'm youth, I'm joy,
I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.
~Sir James M. Barrie

I spend a fair amount of time driving on Hwy 90 east of Monticello, Florida, which is near my home. At some point last year I noticed that there was this one patch of trees alongside the road that always held a lot of egrets. I noticed recently that there were even more this year....in fact, hundreds. They appeared to be mostly cattle egrets.

This afternoon I was driving by again and, since I had my little point-and-shoot camera in the car, I stopped to take a photo or two of them. Apparently they are used to cars whizzing by but not people walking along the roadside; several flew from their perches. I discovered that there were not only nests in the trees, but a few seemed to have baby egrets in them!

It's difficult to get a good photo of an egret with a point-and-shoot camera, particularly in the sunshine. They usually come out overexposed due to the white feathers. So I got back in the car and drove home, got the big camera, and went back.

There was a lot of greenery between me and the birds, and the nests were obscured by branches, but I was able to get a few photos.


These three were perched on top of a tree, perhaps on guard duty.

Now that I know that this is an actual rookery, I will keep an eye on it next spring, when there might be more young ones in the nests.

Meanwhile, I'm off to NC soon. Stand by.


Benz said...

Awesome photos.

Sandra said...

Peggy, I looked at the photos first and went back to read and I was getting really upset thinking you took these awesome photos with your point and shoot. I felt much better when you said you went home for the big Kahuna camera. the colors are wonderful.