Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lake Chatuge near Hayesville, NC--In Sunshine!

A man of wisdom delights in water.

I guess the third time really is the charm! We attempted once more to visit Lake Chatuge and get in some paddling and this time the weather cooperated!

The drive to this lake is through the mountains and is incredibly scenic. Here's a photo taken during the drive.

 photo roadto070214.jpg

Shortly after taking that one, I got this view out the side window.

 photo roadto2-070214.jpg

We put in at the same spot as before, described in the previous post. Instead of repeating the cove we explored last time, we went straight across it and then stayed relatively close to the shoreline. We hadn't gone far when we came upon this house, with the resident horse watching us pass:

 photo horse070214.jpg

There was a fairly strong breeze as well as several power boats on the lake, and so we spent a lot of time paddling into the wind and across a light chop. I loved it! Since almost all of my paddling in Florida was done on rivers, I haven't spent a lot of time in "textured" water and it was great fun. The water is very warm, almost puzzlingly so.

Again the view no matter where you look is gorgeous. I got this of DH alternating paddling and having one of the sandwiches that we had brought along.

 photo mpaddles070214.jpg

We wanted to see if we could paddle to the Clay Co. Rec Park, where we had visited before. We had found a map of the lake but neglected to take it with us. All of the shoreline homes disappeared, which indicated that we were adjacent to the Nantahala Purchase Unit (which seems to basically mean it's part of the National Forest). We also came to Chatuge Dam. At that point the wind was still blowing, the waves still choppy, and so we decided to turn around and look for the Clay Co. park another day. When we checked the looks like we had been so close! It was not a hard paddle even with the wind, so if we can catch a calm day, it will be easy to go to the park, where we can stop and get out to picnic or swim.

Here's the road leaving the Hayesville area and the boat ramp:

 photo roadfrom070214.jpg

Last time we were driving home it was raining so hard we could not see out the windshield. Scary on narrow mountain roads! We finally came to a scenic overlook and pulled over to wait out the storm. Couldn't look over anything, of course, scenic or otherwise. This time we pulled over and got out to see what we had missed last time.

 photo overlook070214.jpg

This blog is filled with posts from trips to the Wacissa, but those trips differed from time to time because of the wildlife I was able to photograph. I think I have pretty well covered this lake in the last post and this one, as well as a photo on the Photo Miscellanea blog, so future paddling trips here will probably not be posted unless we see something different to show you. This is only the first paddling spot we have explored in our new home area, there must be many more, so I'll be back when we get to one of those. Stand by.